There is nothing else really, except making the daily effort.

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is the centerpiece of Yogananda’s spiritual legacy.

Swami Kriyananda aptly describes it as “almost alive in its power to convey, not merely ideas, but new states of awareness.” Yogananda said simply, “That’s because it has my vibrations in it.” (.

One thing that you find in Yogananda's teachings is that there are essentially no rules.

He said to come and follow the teachings to the best of your ability for a year and see if it doesn't change your life.

If it doesn't, fine, it's not for you, so seek your answers elsewhere.But he also said that if you do follow the teachings properly and with genuine effort a transformation will come.Hi Jeff, what you're thinking is apparently pretty close to what happened.A Sanskrit scholar told Self-Realization Fellowship that they should use the spelling with the extra a, and they went with that.I suppose they felt the only way to do it without causing confusion was to also change Paramhansa Yogananda's signature.There's more information about it here, along with an in-depth discussion.