Dr Muscat asked for more details on the matter and that an investigation will take place.

One such idea, he said, would be to move lighting from being under local councils, to falling under the regional council.

Safi Mayor John Mula highlighted a possible "racket" of nurses, who were offering the elderly the possibility of taking blood samples at home against a €10 fee.

PL Whip Godfrey Farrugia, in response, said that this was a widespread practice.

Siggiewi Mayor Karol Aquilina said that government should consider increasing the funds available to local councils.

“The funding problem is a reality and is common among many councils across the islands.

If we want the councils to succeed, you must invest more funds in them”.

He spoke of the need to protect the Dar tal-Providenza.

He appealed that Mepa declare the area around the Dar tal-Providenza be considered as a specific zone that would not allow certain types of developments.

Kirkop Mayor Terence Agius, would like to know the timelines regarding the construction of a polyclinic.

In this regard, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that this was a priority, however said that a management system first needs to be put in place.

Mr Agius also spoke of the need to improve drainage systems, stating that problems arise everytime it rains.