After reading a couple suggestions in the last news item, one of them was actually a new idea I hadn't thought of that would be very easy to implement.Another I thought was going to be simple, but instead was much more complicated...and now I am slightly mad at myself for spending as much time as I did on the old game.

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As you may have noticed, there is no user level browser.

There is also only one character available for the 15 levels we provided.

The game was released this way because the most important thing was just to initially get Happy Wheels accepted into the Apple App Store.

Segway guy is probably the most tame and easy to control of all the initial characters.

Mouse clicking should add a lot of new funny possibilities.

Ok, I'm now going back to working on the sequel in severe, painful isolation... As for mobile Happy Wheels, there are several new levels in production...

we'd like to get them out for the next character as soon as possible. I'm guessing a lot of you must have tried it out. Forget those apps that help you navigate home or communicate with your significant others. Repeated failure and human dismemberment are what's important in life.

After only one day, Happy Wheels is ranked as the #1 free app in the i OS app store! Thanks so very much to all the new and long term fans for putting the game where it currently is. I wanted to address a few things regarding the mobile game that some of you may be wondering about.

Seeing irresponsible dad and his son explode as they are crushed under a van isn't the first thing I wanted the people responsible for judging the game to see.