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If sufficient time has passed and your funds have not been deposited, please forward a copy of your Pay Pal payment receipt by email to [email protected]

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After activate, I added it to paypal as checking account on 31August(Thursday) and verify deposit sent on Friday. When Pay Pal deposits to your VM Account, the Pay Pal Bank Must NOTIFY the VM Bank that the Deposits have been made in order for them to show up, in Some Rare Cases, this does not occur... If your transaction was an ACH initiated with Pay Pal, it usually takes another 3 business days before Pay Pal submits the transfer to your account.

today is wednesday but still there is not a deposit from paypal. And the name on paypal is different with my vmcard's name. Contact Virtual Money Customer Service and tell them what is going on, they will contact the right people and make the deposits to your account... Your Reseller should have been able to help you with this. Therefore, please allow sufficient time for your transaction to take place. Maybe its a problem but i heard that its not a problem. Most Pay Pal transactions have been completed within 5 business days. This is one of few effective and legal methods of sending notifications to search engines.The function is designed for automatic adding of new (non-indexing) websites to search systems, as well as to notify SE about the changes on your website.To use the option of automatic notification, click the alert button on your website.The service of automatic notification is free of charge!