He fought in the Pacific front in battles such as Guadalcanal, Okinawa, Iwo Jima.He has mentioned fighting in the Western front as well.

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He also uses this threat against many other characters who annoy him.

He also experiences great difficulty in saying "I love you," "Thank you," and "I'm sorry" to Eric.

Most of the time Red treats Eric's friend Hyde (Danny Masterson), who moves in with the Formans', better than he treats his own son Eric.

Red appears to take more pride in Hyde because to Red, Hyde is a better example of what a real young man should be, despite Hyde's anti-authoritarian attitude.

In general, Red doesn't like Eric's friends hanging out in his home and, specifically, he dislikes Donna's parents, especially Bob.

Exactly why or how he got the nickname Red is unknown, but presumably it was because he had red hair when was young. Unlike Kitty, who lives for being everyone's favorite mom, Red is universally feared all throughout Point Place, especially by teenagers, and he likes it that way.

Policemen actually feel for Eric because Red is his father Military background Red Forman joined the Navy at 17.

Reginald Albert 'Red' Forman (born December 7, 1927) is a fictional character on FOX comedy That '70s Show.

Red Forman is played by veteran film actor Kurtwood Smith, and as a young man by Corey Landis Red is a gruff veteran with a dry sense of humor who served in WWII as a US Navy sailor stationed aboard a Destroyer which goes down in the Pacific and in Korea also as a sailor. His wife is Kitty Forman (nee Sigurdson) (Debra Jo Rupp).