I don't have that much social media, I focus and care a lot about my education, and most...

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Other, more sane options for dealing with pre-HPCC...

More → The imminent release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has everyone here at Spark Life in the tizzy of all tizzies, and the only relief we could find from the excruciating wait for the book's release was to create LITERALLY THE HARDEST HARRY POTTER TEST IN EXISTENCE.

Another year, another wonderful batch of good news stories that came out of British Columbia.

Sure, the province was rocked by a record-breaking wildfire season, and Metro Vancouver's extreme real-estate market continues to boggle the mind.

But when things seemed grim — here and around the world — British Columbians sure know how to show that they have a whole lot of heart.

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I was blessed enough to have a wonderful mentor/semi-maternal figure in my...

More → Recently, my boyfriend was over at my house and asked if he could defrost some of my mom's homemade Indian cooking.