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They are committed to high standards of quality for products, services, and building lifetime relationships with their customers.

Deborah Lippmann is the go-to manicurist for the most fashionable magazines and renowned fashion houses in the world – with clients like Vogue, In Style, W, Vanity Fair and Elle to Donna Karan.

Deborah Lippmann’s luxury line of award-winning hand and foot care was created as a result of her working with some of the most iconic figures in fashion.

Our designs are focused on providing the user with clear messaging and strong calls-to-action to push them to take action.

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For over seven decades, Paul Stuart been a purveyor of some of the finest clothing to be found anywhere in the world.

The Paul Stuart look is defined as “updated classic American style”, providing the American man (and now his distaff counterpart) a level of sartorial confidence that transcends the fleeting vagaries of mere fashion.

Juice Generation is a cold-pressed juice and smoothie brand based in New York City.

With multiple juice bar locations and nationwide delivery options, Juice Generation supplies thousands of customers every day with affordable detoxifying juice cleanses and raw food meals.