Ray Gillen Rod may not sing metal, but he has done hard rock songs and you won’t find a better voice. I prefer guys with some soul, a scratch to their voice and a hellacious scream.

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I’m not much of a metal guy these days, but I dabbled in high school. Scott Stapp and Fred Durst made the list but Billy Corgan didn’t? Some of my personal favorites (other than Corgan) that are not on the list: Pepper Keenan, Corrosion of Conformity Phil Anselmo, Pantera Keith Caputo, Life of Agony Here’s the full list from Hit Parader.

I heard about this list on the radio this morning and had to look it up.

I’ll further assume that punk bands are not included, since Joey Ramone didn’t make the cut.

I do have issues with gillan being so far down he should be in the running for number one.

Don’t equate singing high with a great voice nor do I think gutteral is really singing. I found the new metal that came in at the end of the 70′s was pretty depressing. This list is silly because we all have our personal tastes and no one will talk anyone out of what they like.

I never liked clear voiced vocalists like Ozzy, Halford and the like. Prefer some melody and stuff that doesn’t make me feel depressed when I listen to it. Freddy Mercury is not really metal but you won’t find a better voice, talent, or range out of all of these vocalists.

Though her siblings` musical preference differed from her own, her first influences were from bands such as Genesis, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and traditional Italian music.