Q: I purchased a Vagrant VMware plugin license, but I did not receive an email? Since the license comes from an automated system, it might have been flagged as spam by your email provider.If you do not see the email there, please contact support and include the original order number.Q: Do I need to keep the Vagrant VMware plugin license file on disk?

updating vmware fusion-32

Download this file and save it to a temporary location on your computer.

with the path where you temporarily saved the downloaded license file to disk.

After you have installed the plugin license, you may remove the temporary file.

To verify the license installation, run: If the license is not installed correctly, you will see an error message.

Vagrant copies the license into its structure for reference on boot.

Q: I lost my original email, where can I download my Vagrant VMware plugin license again? Note: please contact support using the email address with which you made the original purchase.If you use an alternate email, you will be asked to verify that you are the owner of the requested license.For more information on plugin installation, please see the Vagrant plugin usage documentation.The Vagrant VMware plugins are commercial products provided by Hashi Corp and require the purchase of a license to operate.To purchase a license, please visit the Vagrant VMware provider page.Upon purchasing a license, you will receive a license file in your inbox.