When you first install the Nowtv box, you need to sign up for a Nowtv account, now if you want to use any of the sky services sign up as usual with credit card etc so you can have the services each month if you wish.Though if only want to use as a media streamer using the plex app you don’t need to add your full details, when you go to sign up put in all your details on the first page ie username, password etc, you don’t even need to put your normal email address you can use any as sky do not send a verification email.When you get to the second page asking for credit card details don’t click on cancel or enter any details just close the page as you have already created your Nowtv account.

You now have the now tv box up and running at this point if you have signed up for the free trial or paid for any of the sky services these are available to you.

If you haven’t got the sky services you can still access the BBC Iplayer, 4od, demand 5, BBC and sky news, though at the moment of writing this article you don’t have itv player as these services do not require any further payment.

You can also add any other channels from the roku store, these include though if you had an official roku box you would have access to a lot more apps and channels, and because plex is one of those channels that is omitted from the store you need to sideload the app.

To sideload plex you need to get the now tv into developer mode this is done by pressing Home x3, Up x2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, you have to press the buttons in quick succession so if you don’t get the developer menu up after pressing the buttons try again.

I decided to get a sky Nowtv box, though I wasn’t interested in using the sky services.

I got it mainly as you can hack it to install plex which is a media streaming app, if you don’t know what plex is see HERE for more info, this is because they are a rebranded roku box.At at only £9.99 for the box including remote, power supply, batteries for remote and even a reasonable length hdmi cable, this is even delivered free also these make cheap network media streamers.so here is a quick howto guide to setup a nowtv box with the plex media client.You will then see a screen showing the ip network address of the Nowtv box, write this down you then have to enable the installer then you get a agreement screen you have to keep scrolling down till the end before you can agree to it, once done go out your computer in any webbrowser type in the address of the now tv box.When I first found out how to install plex I found THIS version which is 2.6.9, but then I found a copy of version 2.8.2, now I didn’t compile this version and can’t remember where I found it, but you can download from my downloads section HERE, but please remember I take no responsibility for this software, all I can say is this version is fully working on one of the now tv boxes I have got and the other is running the older version with no problems at all.So download either file do not unzip the file then within the screen on your pic browse to the zip file then click install, this will then send the file to the nowtv box and then auto install it.