I’ll start with the newer features first, then cover other popular features, before wrapping up with an evaluation of navigation performance.While many people complain about the number and variety of nuvis available, Garmin has (generally) been consistent as to feature sets and model numbers.

updating nuvi 260-82

You can see the “Via Arrival” option enabled in the top data field below.

Unfortunately, final arrival times do not take into account stop duration as set up in the Trip Planner.

Custom avoidances were found on a few nuvis previously, but I believe Advanced detours is a new feature.

Or maybe its just too big to make good use of those.

Also note that the smaller 2300 series lacks the customizable main menu of the 2400 series.

NOTE: Garmin is taking advantage of the 5” screen real estate on the 24xx series by allowing you to customize the main menu. I’ve discussed this before, and I’ll refer you there for details, but the short story is you can correct speed limits when the device has them wrong.

Another new feature, is the addition of several via point options for the customizable data fields.

The Garmin nüvi 2460LT is a relatively new 5” ultra-widescreen introduction from the nuvi 24xx line.

In addition to the big screen, these navigators bring many other high-end features at a reasonable price, including several not found on the more expensive nuvi 37xx series, such as custom route avoidances.