Froth flotation is achieved by mixing chemicals known as collectors with the ore slurry.The collectors adsorb onto the surfaces of the particles of select minerals (usually the valuable mineral that is targeted for concentration), making these minerals hydrophobic.

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The Jameson Cell is a high-intensity froth flotation cell that was invented by Laureate Professor Graeme Jameson of the University of Newcastle (Australia) and developed in conjunction with Mount Isa Mines Limited ("MIM", a subsidiary of MIM Holdings Limited and now part of the Glencore group of companies).

The high intensity of the Jameson Cell means that it is much shorter than conventional column flotation cells (see Figure 1), and it does not require air compressors to aerate the suspension of ground ore particles and water (known as a slurry or pulp) in the flotation cell.

In contrast to most types of flotation cell, the Cell introduces the feed and the air to the Cell in a combined stream via one or more cylindrical columns referred to as "downcomers".

Other types of flotation cell typically introduce the feed and the air separately to the cell.

The froth flows over the top edge (or "lip") of the flotation cell and forms the flotation concentrate.

Ideally, none of the unwanted mineral particles float, and they remain behind as the flotation tailings.However, the selectivity of the collection mechanism is not perfect.The high carrying capacity of the Jameson Cell is particularly beneficial when high yields (mass pulls) are required, such as in recleaning in metals flotation and in the flotation of metallurgical coal, where yields can exceed 80%.Since then, use of the technology has spread to include coal flotation, base and precious metal flotation, potash flotation, oil sands flotation, molybdenum flotation, graphite flotation and cleaning solvent extraction liquors.It has found a niche in transforming traditional circuit designs where its inclusion allows cleaner circuits to be designed with fewer cells in a smaller footprint, while achieving cleaner and/or higher grade concentrates.thereby increasing the efficiency and extending the life of the world's non-renewable natural resources.