A road you should never have gone down after the first time?

And then you let all your crazed emotional states get the better of you, and you start to talk to your friends about this whole debacle, over and over again.

You don't feel smart anymore, like you don't have as good of a read on guys as you thought you did.

At times it seems the world is full of people exhibiting unusual, unkind and unpredictable behavior for no apparent good reason.

Is it possible, though, that there is something we don’t know?

You think the idiot in his black Escalade with tinted windows and aftermarket wheels, who aggressively and arrogantly stole your parking spot, is a perfect example of the selfish, materialistic, ignorant American.

What you don’t know: He’s rushing into the pharmacy because he forgot to pick up infant Tylenol earlier on the way home from work.Now the baby’s screaming at home with yet another ear infection and his domineering and thoughtless wife has threatened to leave him, yet again, for being a stupid moron who never listens.Things will only get worse when she finds out he lost the million dollar deal today and that he doesn’t know where they will get the money for next month’s 00 house payment, 0 Escalade payment and the medical bills they have for his hair plugs and her implants.You think the idiot checker at the grocery store could be a little friendlier, bag a little faster and remember the first time she asks whether you wanted paper or plastic. What you don’t know: Her divorce was just final from her philandering husband of 24 years who left her for a 22 year old Deal or No Deal girl who also happens to be in medical school.Trying to regain some self esteem as she re-enters that dating world, she recently bought contacts, started using self tanner and began wearing a thong.Who knew today would be the day she’d lose one of those contacts in the parking lot, find out she’s embarrassingly allergic to self tanner and realize, amid much discomfort, that she is definitely not a thong kind of girl?