• Judging character: Inserting a newbie into the mix is certainly a good way to see whether they sink or swim when put in the spotlight. Will they be able to navigate and charm the room, or will the end result be your honey spending their evening huddled in a corner gnawing on an oversized drumstick?Relationships are not necessarily just the chemistry between the two of you.

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Are they expecting a Norman Rockwell-like scene complete with hand holding and words of praise and thanks?

What if your family is more inclined towards the casual approach of a buffet style meal while screaming at the Dallas Cowboys on TV?

At the very least your date needs to be debriefed as to what to expect.

Get togethers with extended family members around the holidays usually involves a balancing act, as these gatherings are notoriously challenging given all of the personalities and dynamics in play.

Relatives love to poke and prod, especially if there is a newcomer in town.

On one end of the table you can count on the sibling who peppers your date with 30 rapid fire questions.

Even if this barrage is cleanly navigated, they will surely have to encounter the grandparent or aunt who needs to review the list of every individual's relationship status over the years whether they are present or not.

Is anyone ever truly ready to face the familial bliss that comes with this invite package?

Knowing that Thanksgiving is only the beginning of the holiday season, how does one know when the time is right to bring a date along?