That’s how I feel when my husband is out of town on business and I have a chance to eat at restaurants he’d rather not.Being the corn-fed, North Dakota born and raised, meat and potatoes guy; venturing out to eat Thai, Indian, Ethiopian or anything remotely ethnic is not his idea of a good time.However, since he’s been in Europe for the last month actually expanding his culinary horizons, I hope this changes a bit upon his return to Fort Collins and we’re out together finding the ethnic experiences Fort Collins has to offer.

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Working together as a family, they bring the authentic Thai dishes that remind them of home to Fort Collins.

My friend and I were the first people to arrive for dinner service, starting at 5pm.

Sitting in a richly decorated small, red dinning room, I was a bit apprehensive noticing that we were the only people there on a Friday night. An empty restaurant is the sure sign of a failing restaurant.

However, our timing was only perfect, because as we were eating the placed became packed with people waiting for tables.

We started off with appetizers, getting Grilled Chicken Satay – grilled marinated chicken on a skewer, served with peanut sauce, cucumber salad and toast ($6.79).

We also had the Shrimp fresh Rolls – Shrimp, shredded cabbage, carrots, celery, bean sprouts and cilantro wrapped in rice paper and served with spicy Thai peanut sauce (.79) The Grilled Chicken Satay was alright, nothing too wonderful, mostly because the chicken was over-cooked and dry.

The peanut sauce was good though and there was a lot of it!

Of all of the requested ethnic reviews, this was top on the list.

I’ve heard good things about the place and it was high time that I finally get there to write about it.