After screenplays are narrowed to finalists, a panel of notable industry professionals conducts the final judging to determine the winners.

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To remove the title page from the PDF export: Final Draft 9 / 8: Click here Final Draft 7: Click here Final Draft 6: Simply clear the title page as directed above.

This will cause the title page to be removed from the PDF export. We are aware that we instruct you not to include a cover page (so that readers cannot see your name) and that copyright or registration information would normally be on that page.

For information on how to create the title page, click here. We simply recommend that you take at least one of those steps to protect your intellectual property.

Suggested length for screenplays is approximately 80 to 120 pages and for teleplays it is approximately 25 to 70 pages. Submissions less than 20 pages or that are clearly not a screenplay (short stories, comic books, etc.) will also be disqualified.

For TV scripts, we accept entries in the half-hour and hour-long spec and pilot categories. You can also enter the same script in a different genre for additional consideration, but you will need to submit another complete entry for that script.

The readers and judges look for qualities such as craft and execution, originality, dialogue, characterization and structure.

Our readers are professional script analysts who carefully evaluate each entry and sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that your work is protected.

We recommend that you register your script with the WGA and/or the U. Whether you do or not, your script will still be read.

At no point in the entry process do we check for registration or copyright.

Our contest has been running for 15 years and we are very careful with our entrants' scripts.

However, those easy steps will help ensure that your work is protected.