Securiguard has its own training academy, so we can provide customized training to benefit the guard force.The Institute of Criminal Justice and Security is a certified security services personnel training school.

All you need is integrity and a resolve to improve yourself.

Securiguard can place you in a good position and give you the training and experience you need to excel.

As your knowledge and experience develops, you will qualify for more responsible, better paying positions within the company.

If you already have experience, there are many top tier jobs just waiting for the right person.

Private security is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

In the United States alone, spending on private security exceeds public law enforcement seven to one. Securiguard has many great opportunities for mature, confident people with integrity and sound judgment.

Securiguard is on the leading edge of this expansion. Although prior experience is a valued commodity, we understand that good people might not have years of experience.

Securiguard has a number of positions that require little or no security experience.

New employees must remain with the company six months after completing training to qualify for the free training.