He laughs at my jokes too and gives me an understanding look.

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Let me start by giving you a little background information.

He, having no interest in geek/nerd matters, asked if I would go with her.

Given my love of all things zombie, outer space-y, and Joss Whedon-y, it was a no brainer. While my bestie and I were looking over the list of events, we saw that they offered speed dating. We went to a panel, walked by the vendors and celebrity row, and during all this, we repeatedly saw people with signs for geek speed dating. Finally, deciding that the next panel my bestie wanted to go to did not interest me that much, I signed up for it. I was the last person to sign up so the host escorted me to the room where the speed dating would take place.

Which, for a Comic Con, is without a doubt, geek speed dating. I had tried speed dating before (albeit, minus the pre-requisite geekiness), and I did not really enjoy it. This was way more organized than the speed dating I had attended before! But it’s too late, I’m already in the room with the door closed behind me. The rest of them looked like they were walking into their senior English class at school.

The guys were kept waiting outside the room while the girls were taken right in. All the girls look like they are in their early 20s if not younger!!! After the fact, I did find out that one girl was only 5 years younger than me, so not THAT bad, right? Well, I immediately start worrying that all the guys will be totally inappropriately aged for me. The host (who happens to be dressed up as Starlord – hot) comes in and says he went over the rules with the guys and now it was our turn.

As I walk in and look around the room, I notice that I am BY FAR the oldest chick in there. The whole thing was actually put together with people’s safety in mind, which I do appreciate (hand knitted scarf, anyone? All participants were given a “name tag” which was a letter and a number. There was no touching allowed, including hand shakes. They gave you an index card to make notes so you would remember who was who (eg. The host then said that if at any time the guy did anything to make us uncomfortable, we were supposed to pretend to stretch our arms, at which point the host would make eye contact with us and if we nodded, then he would immediately kick the guy out, no questions asked. I appreciate how much thought they put in to safety. My second thought was, why the hell do they need all those precautions anyway?!?! Sad to say, there are some messed up people in this world. He barely makes eye contact, and has a nervous laughter. I try to keep the conversation completely flirt-free because I feel totally skeevy even being there.