Thanks to for making Tamrielic names modification You can grab a lot of awesome Hi Res screenshots/wallpapers like the one I used for background from Dead End Thrills [link]Unless there are some major problems or issues found, version 2.0 is final.I'm not going to make any more skins for this suite.

[link]4 new skins, new variations of old skins, fixed bugs and more user friendly customization. Changes and additions were based mainly on the huge amount of feedback I got from you guys.

Thank you for it Skyrim Rainmeter Suite v2 contains 12 separate skins, some of them in multiple variations.

Battery life bar (customizable color) 2 Clock skins in format H: M: S 3 CPU utilization bars (customizable color) 4 Day of month, year and day of week indicators (with Tamrielic names) 3 separate HDD skins (customizable color) Horizontal sidebar Launcher with 10 premade buttons Music player controller, compact and large ver.

3 Physical memory skins (customizable color) Shutdown, Sleep & Restart buttons PC running time indicator Vertical sidebar Everything was coded by me from scratch, graphics are either by me or were reworked from an in-game screenshot.

Firstly, I use no other skin except this (but I pair it with a binary clock I found). However, when editing the vertical and horizontal bars, I am not able to get them to stay to the desktop even if I set them to that layer and all else to the bottom. Everything else is fine, and not everything goes beneath the bars, just the shutdown, music, and launcher. Since I use Windows media player for my music, is there no way to navigate my music with your media player?

Currently I have to start the song I want to listen to and keep the player open, I can't even switch songs; Is there any use to your media player over windows other than aesthetics?

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I will do my best to help you in any way possible but a lot of problems can be solved just by following the instructions in the Read Me file. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i really like this skin but im having a problem with creating paths for my applications i want i read your text file but im fairly new to rainmeter so i dont fully understand how to add a path in the variables Oh, and can you also give the health bar a second use? It would be nice if the battery bar ( Skyrim health bar ) decreased to the middle of the bar, similar to in the game - as opposed to decreasing from right to left.

Instruction how to add more buttons to the Launcher are also in the Read_Me ! If you find any, please let me know in the comments. (something else to indicate, right now I'm using this skin on my desktop and laptop, but my desktop has no battery, so the bar pretty much does nothing at all)I really like it! Wondering tough if you might be able do add a piece of code that makes the player invisible/go away when your music player (in my case windows media player) is not on, I've seen other rainmeter player's use said feature where they are invisible up until you start up your music program. Great skins, I love them and have already edited the hdd_x3 to an hdd_x6 (I have 6 HDDs I wanna monitor^^).