As I tell my clients, dating is like a job interview. And who better to help a guy figure out how to win your heart than your best buddies.Plus, he knows they’ll probably tell you he’s been inquiring, which will alert you to the fact that he’s curious about you and hopefully pique your interest.

He stares at your face (as opposed to the other parts of your anatomy). But then he can’t help himself, and he does it all over again when he thinks you’re not looking.

If you do actually make eye contact, he may hold it just a second longer than normal.

This is a fun way of building rapport and letting you know that he wants a special bond with you.

If it seems like he’s teasing you with the name, just remember back to first grade – when the boy in your class threw sand at you, it actually meant he wanted to play with you.

If you notice this happening a lot, it’s usually not an accident.

Thanks to social tools like Facebook and Twitter, we are constantly bombarded with the minutiae of our friends’ lives.

We know so much about everyone, from what they’ve had for breakfast to their reaction to the season finale of their favorite TV show, that it becomes hard to remember much of anything.

Sometimes no matter how confident you are, it’s still tough to tell when a guy is into you.

While some men are comfortable coming right out and saying exactly how they feel, others express their interest in more subtle ways, especially when they are first getting to know you.