The way to help lessen this effect is to make sure your profile is really, really good.Ask some friends from the opposite sex to look it over and give you suggestions.Guys and girls look for different things, so find out what they might be looking to know about. Once a month is not too much, but at least once every couple of months, even if it is just a small piece of new or changed information.

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” It’s a question I’m asked often, and my answer is multi-faceted. There are a slew of factors at play, some of which have nothing to do with you.

It’s easy to get frustrated when you reach out to someone your interested in online – be it with a friendly email, a request to instant message or a fun emotigram – and your effort is followed by…nothing. So take a deep breath and consider these possible variables, which all can contribute to communication frustration. There’s no established etiquette for online communication – be it on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, email or a dating site.

When contact isn’t face-to-face or on the phone, many people simply don’t feel obligated to respond.

Someday there may be more established rules of etiquette, but for now ,people have differing opinions about what is polite behavior when responding to someone you don’t know in an online dating situation.

I’ve also known people to change their minds after using an online singles site; in the beginning they feel like they have to respond to everyone, even if they’re not interested, but then after some time they realize it can be time consuming. Online daters can be hasty and use the shotgun approach, which can boost your rate of rejection. At a party, there are maybe less than a handful of people in your age range you are attracted to, and chances are you’re only going to approach just one – two if you’re really feeling brave.

Because you will approach fewer people over time, your rate of rejection is likely to be very low in comparison.

Online, you can choose from thousands of options and easily initiate communicate with a hundreds if not more people with little investment, just a click, click, click of the mouse and dozens of conversations, introductory messages, winks, flirts, etc. This approach will almost guarantee a smaller percentage rate of response and, thus, it could feel like you are doing much worse. When you’re one of dozens, if not hundreds, of profiles being viewed in an hour, you’re going to be judged by a high standard and, conversely, you’re likely judging others more critically as well.

It’s not that the shotgun approach is always a bad thing, but you just have to set realistic expectations for responses. Men and women might judge differently, but they both judge more harshly when they can dissect a profile and ponder photos.

Upload photos that show who your are, what you’re about and why they should be interested in you. This goes back, in part, to point number two, how easy it is to initiate contact online.

The next time you catch yourself being very critical about a profile you’re reviewing, remember someone is probably being just as critical about yours. When we’re meeting people offline, we tend to be much more discriminating about who we initiate contact with.

Age range, their looks and even social class all play a part in whom we talk to or ask out.