I hold your arms up, snap a cuff around one wrist then looped the chain around the headboard so I can snap the other end on you. The handcuffs clink and I know you are dying to touch me.You shiver under my touch as I stroke along your pubic bone then along the length of your cock.

You are going to be my little sex toy for the night.

You look so excited as I slide your shirt off and you are already hard for me.

I push you forward, making you fall on the bed and I lean over you.

I grab you by the hair and gently yank your head back and whisper in your ear “You will not cum until I say so… ” Your cock twitches in the air as I take a pair of handcuffs out of my bedside table.

I begin to ride you and I see you lying there as my pussy gushes at the thought of you being completely helpless.

I move faster and can feel your muscles tightening as you try to control yourself.

My clit throbs as I keep going and feeling you deep inside me.

The dispatcher will take your credit card, billing information, & discreetly bill your card for the amount of minutes you purchase.

Billed as "Madison Productions" at $.99 per minute with a 15 minute minimum.

Although it is quite often that this ABDL mommy enjoys the fact that I generally have a light and loving touch, there are times when I simply must let my BDSM side come out to play.

I know you secretly crave edging phone sex with a sexy woman who knows what she wants. I greet you wearing a short black dress and heels I see your eyes go back and forth between my breasts and legs. I undo the buttons on your shirt one by one as I tell you how things are going to be.