Hotel Exhibitionism: Showing off in hotel floors, hallways, stairs, lobbies or other locations of a hotels.

If the person not only shows naughty bits but also starts to touch her own body parts, it is called public masturbation, which is an aggressive type of exhibitionism.

Hidden Exhibitionism Receiving a sexual thrill out of the fact that essential parts of clothing are missing, which however, is not necessarily known by bystanders.

This may seem a contradiction in terms but the thrill comes from the knowledge that someone COULD see what is usually hidden rather than from any certainty that comes from that forbidden part being clearly visible.

Typically, this entails wearing no bra, no panties or no underwear at all, sometimes combined with short skirts.

Most who indulge start with no bra and then progress to leaving off the panties. Another mild form of exhibitonism is wearing see-through clothing items like for example see through tops or wearing micro mini skirts.

The exposure through more or less transparent fabric is discussed under see-through in public.

The mildest form of exhibitonism is flashing, like for example flash her tits, mooning or flashing pussy.

The exhibitionism is often a very brief period of time.

The most common form of Exhibitionism: Appearing in public in differing states of nudity.