I like humiliation, incest, dirty and nasty sex with you girls. I always answer :) I also like when you post dirty gifs threats...

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I am definitely submissive and enjoy being humiliated/dominated and abused in RPs. ) & a decent sense of humour - though I will admit ...fairy new to online just here to check things out and meet new friends,i am pretty open to things and trying new things will add more later i should add this i am bi but right now looking for females mostly,sorry guys I am a fun, spontaneous woman looking for some exciting chat. We do still have sex but he is gone a lot for work.

She has been able to control me whenever she wishes to this day, but I still domme her so... Domination,humiliation, bondage,rough,daddy daughter,young.

I used be be almost exclusively dominant, but was playing with my favorite submissive, Lonely Sarah 22, a year or so ago, and she turned the tables and dominated me.

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I am a pretty free spirited person looking for some fun with people. Just an ordinary bloke who, somehow or other, has found himself here for some laughs and fun times with some like minded ladies.