: Since my prime interests relating to JACKSONs rest in Ireland, I will not be footnoting all the American JACKSONs that link up to this tree.If there does turns out to be a connection to our JACKSONs in Ireland, then I will then take the time to add the other related names. BEWLEY points out (in the first footnote) , the first 4 generations of this tree may be more fanciful than fact.As I work my way through Ireland-related Deeds and other such sources, I will add more references to the appropriate JACKSONs.

Also of interest, is the line of JACKSONs who were prominent in the printing trades in Dublin in the late 1700s.

It would not surprise me if they turn out to be connected to the Lisbanoe JACKSONs. My yellow warning may be overkill, and readers can ignore the caution if they wish, but this tree is shown like this on so many sites I thought it best to be clear. Down, and are highlighted in Anthony, Richard and John/Robert JACKSON were supposedly from St. Michael's does not begin until 1659, so there are no available birth certificates.

Also, many birth place that had Killinure in Queens Co. Michael's Parish, Eccleston, Lancashire between 16. The birth dates and places used to validate most family trees were taken from secondary Quaker records.

Given that these early histories allege that Anthony JACKSON (b 1628) and Richard JACKSON (b.1626) and John/Robert JACKSON (b.

Certainly, the yeoman class, with a parent rich enough to send a son to Trinity, is the right class of family to be a likely fit with the future Irish Quaker Jackson line, as well as the Co. 1715 in Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland and died in Clarksburg, Harrison Co. He married Elizabeth CUMMINS (1720-1825) on in Cecil Co., Maryland. - 1720 in London, England m: d: 1825 in Clarksburg, Harrison Co. [: I hold any birthdates that result in a death at age of 100 or more under considerable suspicion.

Down line descending from a Robert JACKSON, and is much more credible than the supposed connection to Sir Anthony JACKSON of Killingwolds. [In light of a more recent study on Elizabeth Cummins Jackson it is believed that she was only 96 or 97 years old at her death as opposed to the 101-105 years as recorded by previous reseachers and her tombstone placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution. She was born in prob Frederick Co., VA, married and died in Muskingum., Co.

If this conjecture has feet, then a record at the National Archives is pertinent: DDX 15/2 Assignment of Lease: for £70: Rychard Burgh of Larbryck, gent., to John Jackson of the Walle in Little Eccleston, husbandman -- messuage in Little Eccleston called the Wall, in the tenure of J. & Anne his mother -- Leased by the Queen to Peter Proby of London, gent., together with other property in Little Eccleston, late belonging to the Chantry at the Altar in Ormskirk. SOURCE: Jackson Brigade Inc.] (1757-1831) He was born in Cecil Co., MD and died in Zanesville, Muskingum., Co. OH [ (abt 1665-1751) He was born abt 1665 in Old Castle, Co.

1624) were supposedly brothers from Ecclestone, Lancashire, let’s suppose for a moment that they were.

At very least, the shared birthplace is likely to be true, even if their relationship as brothers may not pass the sniff test when it comes to verification. Witn: William Orrell, John Walche, John France, John Syme. He was born in Eccleston, Lancashire, England and died in Mountmellick, Parish of Rosenallis, Queens County.

If all three did come from Ecclestone, then it should be of special interest that in 1640, a Robert JACKSON was a 21 year old student at Trinity. His father was a yeoman from Little Eccleston named John. He married Margaret KEETE (born in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England) in 1650 in Carrickfergus, Co. She died He married Hannah BEALE on in Mountmellick, Parish of Rosenallis, Queens County. He married secondly Dorothy MASON on in Newgarden, Carlow, Leinster, Ireland.

JACKSON Perhaps this explains some of the John/Robert confusion in the early trees. She was from Castledermott and died (1715-1801) He was born abt.