His Forever Family Anderson, Toni (see Mysteries & Thrillers Audio Books by Author list)Andre, Bella (aka Lucy Kevin): The Look of Love, From This Moment On, Can't Help Falling in Love, I Only Have Eyes for You, If You Were Mine, Wild Heat, Always on My Mind, Hot as Sin, Never Too Hot, The Way You Look Tonight, Kissing Under the Mistletoe, Love Me, It Must Be Your Love, One Perfect Night (novella), Candy Store, Just to Be With You, I Love How You Love Me, All I Ever Need is You, Cape Cod Kisses (w/Melissa Foster), Breathless in Love (w/Jennifer Skully), Reckless in Love (w/Jennifer Skully)Andrews, Ilona (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Andrews, Mary Kay (see also Mysteries & Thrillers Audio Books by Author list): Savannah Blues, Savannah Breeze, Deep Dish, Blue Christmas, The Fixer Upper, Little Bitty Lies, Hissy Fit, Summer Rental, Spring Fever, Ladies' Night, Heart Trouble, Save the Date, Christmas Bliss, Beach Town, Deep Dish Anne, Melody: The Billionaire Wins the Game, The Billionaire's Dance, The Billionaire Falls, Her Unexpected Hero, Her Hometown Hero, Her Forever Hero, Priceless Treasure (temp)Archer, C. Her Secret Desire, Scandal's Mistress, To Tempt the Devil Archer, Juliet: The Importance of Being Emma Arden, Sara: Return to Glory Arend, Vivian: Rocky Mountain Heat, Rocky Mountain Haven, Rocky Mountain Desire, Rocky Mountain Angel, Rocky Mountain Rebel, Rocky Mountain Romance, Rocky Ride, One Sexy Ride, Let It Ride, Rocky Mountain Freedom, Black Gold, Silver Mine, Diamond Dust, Rocky Mountain Shelter Armentrout, Jennifer L.

Abedi, Colet: Mad Love Adair, Cherry (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list): On Thin Ice Adair, Marina: Kissing Under the Mistletoe, Summer in Napa, Autumn in the Vineyard, Be Mine Forever, From the Moment We Met, Sugar's Twice as Sweet, Need You for Keeps, Sugar on Top, A Taste of Sugar, Need You for Always, Need You for Mine Adams, C. & Cathy Clamp: Hunter's Moon, Moon's Web, Captive Moon, Howling Moon, Moon's Fury, Timeless Moon, Cold Moon Rising, Serpent Moon, Touch of Evil, Touch of Madness, Touch of Darkness Adams, Dee J.

Dangerous Race, Danger Zone, Dangerously Close, Living Dangerously Adams, Noelle: Bittersweet Addae, Sydney: Birth Right, Birth Control, Birth Mark Adler and Holt: Champagne Showers, Shattered, Surrendered Adrian, Lara: Cut and Run (w/ Tina Folsom), Hide and Seek (w/Tina Folsom), Kiss of Midnight, Kiss of Crimson, Midnight Awakening, Midnight Rising, Taken by Midnight, Veil of Midnight, Ashes of Midnight, Shades of Midnight, Deeper Than Midnight, Darker After Midnight, Edge of Dawn, Crave the Night, A Touch of Midnight, Bound to Darkness, Marked by Midnight, Tempted by Midnight (novella), Stroke of Midnight (novella)Ahern, Cecilia: Love Rosie (abr.)Aherne, Jasmine: Uprooted Aicher, Lynda: Bonds of Trust, Bonds of Need, Bonds of Desire, Bonds of Hope Aiken, G. (see also Laurenston, Shelly below)The Dragon Who Loved Me, How to Drive a Dragon Crazy, Light My Fire, Feel the Burn Aitken, Elena: Nothing Stays in Vegas, Unexpected Gifts, Hidden Gifts, Mistaken Gifts, Secret Gifts, Goodbye Gifts Albertalli, Becky: Simon vs.

the Homo Sapiens Agenda Albertson, Alana: Invincible, Love Waltzes In Albright, Beth: The Sassy Belles, The Wedding Belles, Sleigh Belles Alcott, Kate: The Dressmaker Aleo, Toni: Taking Shots, Trying to Score, Empty Net, Falling for the Backup, Blue Lines, Breaking Away, A Very Merry Hockey Holiday, Laces and Lace, Overtime, Rushing the Goal (temp), Boarded by Love (temp), Clipped by Love (temp), Hooked by Love (temp)Alers, Rochelle: Pleasure Seekers, Here I Am, Sweet Destiny, Sweet Southern Nights, Angels Landing, Sanctuary Cove, Sweet Persuasions Alexander, Cassie: Taming the Biker, Breaking the Biker Alexander, Tamera: A Lasting Impression, A Beauty So Rare, To Whisper Her Name, The Inheritance, Within My Heart, Beyond This Moment Alexander, Victoria: Secrets of a Proper Lady, The Wedding Bargain, The Husband List; Her Highness, My Wife; Love With The Proper Husband (slight background hum, volume goes up and down here and there), The Lady In Question, The Pursuit of Marriage, A Visit From Sir Nicholas (slight background hum), When We Meet Again, Let It Be Love, Seduction of a Proper Gentleman, The Virgin's Secret, The Perfect Mistress, His Mistress by Christmas, The Princess and the Pea, My Wicked Little Lies, What Happens at Christmas, The Importance of Being Wicked, The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride, The Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress, The Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding Alexandra, Cassie: Resisting the Biker, Surviving the Biker, Fearing the Biker, Breaking the Biker, Taming the Biker Allee, Tiffany: Don't Bite the Bridesmaid Allen, Louise: The Disgraceful Mr.

Ravenhurst, Practical Widow to Passionate Mistress, Vicar's Daughter to Viscount's Lady, Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride Allen, Nancy Campbell: My Fair Gentleman Allen, Rebecca Grace: His Contract Alliott, Catherine: The Wedding Day, A Crowded Marriage, The Old-Girl Network, A Married Man, Rosie Meadows Regrets, A Rural Affair, Not That Kind of Girl Alsop, Cheree Lynn (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Alward, Donna: Proud Rancher Precious Bundle, A Family for the Rugged Rancher, How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart, The Last Real Cowboy Amsden, Christine: Secrets and Lies Amis, Kingsley (see General Fiction Audio Books by Author list)Anders, Natasha: The Unwanted Wife, A Husband's Regret, His Unlikely Lover Andersen, Susan: Cutting Loose, Bending the Rules, Head Over Heels, Hot & Bothered, Coming Undone, Skintight, That Thing Called Love, Some Like it Hot, Baby I'm Yours, Be My Baby, Baby Don't Go, All Shook Up, Playing Dirty, Running Wild Anderson, Catherine: Baby Love, Phantom Waltz, Sweet Nothings, Blue Skies, Bright Eyes, My Sunshine, Sun Kissed (background hiss), Morning Light, Star Bright, Early Dawn, Comanche Moon, Comanche Heart, Indigo Blue, Cherish, Keegan's Lady (slight background hiss), Here to Stay, Seventh Heaven, Only By Your Touch, Simply Love, Always in My Heart (background hiss), Annie's Song (sound is "okay"), Comanche Magic, Coming Up Roses, Perfect Timing, Switchback Anderson, Cindy Roland: Fair Catch Anderson, Evangeline: Claimed, Crimson Debt, Scarlett Heat, Ruby Shadows, Found (temp)Anderson, Rachael: Working It Out, The Reluctant Bachelorette Anderson, Caroline: The Baby Swap Miracle, Two Little Miracles Anderson, Sarah M.

R.)Bisset, Gabrielle: Blood Avenged Black, Jaid: The Empress’ New Clothes, No Escape, Seized (novella), No Fear (novella), Enslaved Black, Shayla: Wicked Ties, Decadent, Delicious, Surrender to Me, Their Virgin Captive (w/Lexi Blake), Their Virgin's Secret (w/Lexi Blake), Their Virgin Concubine (w/Lexi Blake), Their Virgin Princess (w/Lexi Blake), Wicked and Dangerous (w/Rhyannon Byrd), Bound and Determined, Their Virgin Hostage (w/Lexi Blake), Strip Search, Theirs to Cherish, The Young and the Submissive (w/Jenna Jacob & Isabella La Pearl), One Dom to Love (w/Jenna Jacob & Isabella La Pearl), Wicked All the Way, Their Virgin Secretary, His to Take, The Bold and the Dominant (w/Jenna Jacob & Isabella La Pearl), Their Virgin Mistress (w/Lexi Blake), Wicked for You, Watch Me (w/Shelley Bradley), Naughty Little Secret (w/Shelley Bradley), Seduction in Session, Big Easy Temptation (w/Lexi Blake), Pure Wicked (novella), Forever Wicked (novella) Black, Tasha: Reconstructed, Augmented Blackstock, Terri (see General Fiction Audio Books by Author list)Bladon, Deborah: EMBER: The Complete Series (temp), RISE: The Complete Series (temp), TRACE: The Complete Series (temp), Vain: The Complete Series (temp), SOLO (temp)Blair, Willa: Highland Healer, Highland Seer Blake, Jennifer: April of Enchantment, The Bewitching Grace, Dark Masquerade, Embrace and Conquer, Fierce Eden, Golden Fancy, Louisiana Dawn, Love at Sea, Midnight Waltz, Night of the Candles, Notorious Angel, Prisoner of Desire, Royal Passion, Royal Seduction, The Secret of Mirror House, Snowbound Heart, Stranger at Plantation Inn, Surrender in Moonlight, Sweet Piracy, Tender Betrayal, Perfume of Paradise, Southern Rapture, Spanish Serenade, Bride of a Stranger, Wildest Dreams Blake, Lexi: Adored (novella), Dungeon Games (novella), The Dom Who Loved Me (temp), The Men with the Golden Cuffs (temp), A Dom is Forever (temp), On Her Master's Secret Service (temp), Love and Let Die (temp), Sanctum (novella/temp), Unconditional (novella/temp), Dungeon Games (novella/temp), Adored (novella/temp)Blake, Toni: Willow Springs, The Red Diary, Half Moon Hill, Wildest Dreams, Swept Away (abr.), All I Want Is You Blakely, Lauren: Trophy Husband, Caught Up in Us, Pretending He's Mine, The Thrill of It, Playing With Her Heart, Night After Night, Every Second with You, After This Night, One More Night, Sweet Sinful Nights, Sinful Desire, Sinful Longing, Stars in Their Eyes, Big Rock, 21 Stolen Kisses, Nights with Him, Sinful Love, Forbidden Nights, Mister O, The Sapphire Affair Blankenship, Amy & R. Melton (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Bliler, Susan: Skin Walkers: Monroe Bliss, Chelle: Throttle Me, Hook Me, Throttled, Resist Me, Uncover Me, Enshrine, Unlawful Desire, Sinful Intent Bloome, Indigo: Destined to Play Blume, Judy: Summer Sisters Bohrman, Barbie: Promise Me, Playing It Safe Boissard, Janine: Love Story Bolen, Cheryl: Falling for Frederick, The Bride Wore Blue, With His Ring Bond, Stephanie (see also Mysteries & Thrillers Audio Books by Author list): Baby Come Home, Baby Drive South, Baby Don't Go, Party Crashers, Stop the Wedding, License to Thrill, Whole Lotta Trouble, Almost a Family, In Deep Voodoo, Voodoo or Die Bonds, Parris Afton: Mood Indigo Boniface, Allie: One Night in Napa, One Night in Boston Bonner, Lynette: Rocky Mountain Oasis, High Desert Haven, Fair Valley Refuge, Spring Meadow Sanctuary Bostwick, Marie: A Single Thread, A Thread of Truth, A Thread So Thin, Threading the Needle, Ties That Bind Bourne, Joanna: The Spymaster's Lady, The Forbidden Rose Bowman, Valerie: Secrets of a Runaway Bride, The Unexpected Duchess, The Accidental Countess, The Unlikely Lady, Secrets of a Wedding Night Boyle, Elizabeth: Along Came a Duke, If Wishes Were Earls, And the Miss Ran Away With the Rake, The Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane, The Knave of Hearts Brackston, Paula (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Bradford, Barbara Taylor: A Woman of Substance, Hold the Dream, To Be the Best, Emma's Secret, Unexpected Blessings, Just Rewards, Breaking the Rules, The Ravenscar Dynasty, The Heirs of Ravenscar (aka The Heir), Being Elizabeth, Three Weeks in Paris, The Triumph of Katie Byrne, Where You Belong, Power Of A Woman, A Sudden Change of Heart, Dangerous To Know, Love in Another Town, Voice of the Heart, Angel, Remember, The Women in His Life, Act of Will, Letter From a Stranger, Secrets from the Past, Cavendon Hall, Hidden (novella), The Cavendon Women, Everything to Gain Bradford, Isabella: When You Wish Upon a Duke, When the Duchess Said Yes, When the Duke Found Love, A Wicked Pursuit Bradley, Celeste: Duke Most Wanted Bradley, Eden: Forbidden Fruit, The Dark Garden, Dangerously Bound Brady, Kira (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Brant, Lucinda: Midnight Marriage, Autmn Duchess, Dair Devil, Eternally Yours: Roxton Letters Volume One: A Companion to the Roxton Family Saga Books 1-3Brashares, Ann (see General Fiction Audio Books by Author list)Braziel, Jamie Lynn: Declaring Spinsterhood Breene, K. Into the Darkness, Braving the Elements Brendon, Mary: The Rake's Defiant Mistress Brent, Cora: Draw (temp), Risk (temp), Game (temp), Fall (temp)Bretton, Barbara: A Soft Place to Fall, At Last, Bundle of Joy, Second Harmony, The Edge of Forever, Just Like Heaven, Her Bad Boy Billionaire Lover, Playing for Time, Shore Lights, Girls of Summer, Chances Are, All We Know of Heaven, Someone Like You, Fire's Lady Brianne, Sarah: Nero, Vincent Bright, Elle: Fall of Darkness Brighton, Lori: To Seduce an Earl, To Capture a Rake, Wild Heart, Wild Desire Brock, Amber: A Fine Imitation Brockmann, Suzanne (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list): Otherwise Engaged, Hearthrob, The Kissing Game, Freedom's Price, Kiss and Tell, Forbidden, Forever Blue, A Man to Die For, Ladies' Man, Prince Joe, Infamous, Body Language, Not Without Risk, Stand-In Groom, The Unsung Hero, The Defiant Hero, Over the Edge, Out of Control, Into the Night, Gone Too Far, Flashpoint, Hot Target, Breaking Point, Into the Storm, Force of Nature, All Through the Night, Into the Fire, Dark of Night, Hot Pursuit, Breaking the Rules, Get Lucky, Future Perfect, Bodyguard, Unstoppable (includes Love with the Proper Stranger and Letters to Kelly), Born to Darkness, Undercover Princess, Free Fall: A Troubleshooters Short Story, The Songbird's Seduction, The Body Guard, When Tony Met Adam (short)Brockway, Connie: The Lady Most Likely (w/Julia Quinn & Eloisa James), The Lady Most Willing (w/Julia Quinn & Eloisa James), The Passionate One, The Ravishing One, The Lady Most Likely, All Through the Night, The Other Guy's Bride, Promise Me Heaven, No Place for a Dame, The Reckless One (tape hiss but clear narration)Brogan, Tracy: Highland Surrender, Hold On My Heart, The Best Medicine, Love Me Sweet Bromberg, K. , Love Beyond Reason, Honor Bound, Two Alone, Best Kept Secrets, Above and Beyond, Charade, Bittersweet Rain, Eloquent Silence, Tomorrow's Promise, A Treasure Worth Seeking, Hidden Fires, Slow Heat in Heaven, Another Dawn Brown, Stacey Marie (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Brown, Tara (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Brown, T. Summerset Abbey, A Bloom in Winter Brunstetter, Wanda E.

Driven, Fueled, Crashed, Raced, Sweet Ache, Hard Beat Bronte, Charlotte: Villette, Jane Eyre Brooks, Kathleen: Bluegrass State of Mind, Risky Shot, Dead Heat, Bluegrass Undercover, Rising Storm, Secret Santa, Acquiring Trouble, Relentless Pursuit, Secrets Collide, Final Vow, Chosen for Power, Bluegrass Dawn, Built for Power, Destined for Power, Fashioned for Power, The Accidental Countess, The Perfect Gift (temp, The Keeneston Roses (temp), Forever Entangled, Forever Hidden, Forever Betrayed Brown, Carolyn: Red's Hot Cowboy, One Hot Cowboy Wedding, Love Drunk Cowboy, Long Hot Texas Summer, Daisies in the Canyon, Hot Cowboy Nights Brown, E. The Legend of the Bloodstone, Return of the Pale Feather, Of Vice and Virtue Brown, Lorelei: Raising Kane Brown, Melissa: Picturing Perfect, If You Can't Take the Heat Brown, Sandra (see also Mysteries& Thrillers Audio Books by Author list): Where There's Smoke, Not Even for Love, A Kiss Remembered, Temperatures Rising, Whole New Light, Sunny Chandler's Return, Demon Rumm, Rainwater, Texas! The Storekeeper's Daughter Burke, Aliyah: The Detective's Lover Buroker, Lindsay: Dragon Blood: Omnibus, Patterns in the Dark Burrowes, Grace: The Bridegroom Wore Plaid, Once Upon a Tartan, Darius, The Mac Gregor's Lady Burton, Jaci: The Perfect Play, Taking a Shot, Changing the Game, Thrown by a Curve, Playing to Win, One Sweet Ride, Melting the Ice, Rescue Me, Straddling the Line, Nothing Personal, Hope Flames, Rescue Me, Quarterback Draw, Hope Ignites, Hope Burns, Love After All, All Wound Up, Unexpected Rush, Make Me Stay, Unraveled, Show Me/Unwrapped Burton, Mary (see Mysteries & Thrillers Audio Books by Author list)Byatt, A. (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Possession Bybee, Catherine: Not Quite Dating, Wife by Wednesday, Soul Mate, Married by Monday, Not Quite Mine, Fiance by Friday, Not Quite Enough, Single by Saturday, Binding Vows, Taken by Tuesday, Not Quite Forever, Treasured by Thursday, Doing It Over, Seduced by Sunday Bryant, Niobia: Red Hot, Strong Heat Byrd, Rhyannon: Edge of Hunger, Edge of Danger, Edge of Desire, Touch of Seduction, Touch of Surrender, Touch of Temptation, Take Me Under, Keep Me Closer, Dark Wolf Rising, Last Wolf Standing, Last Wolf Hunting, Last Wolf Watching, Dark Wolf Running, Darkest Desire of the Vampire (w/Lauren Hawkeye)Bryne, Kerrigan: A Righteous Kill, The Highwayman, The Hunter Burch, Heather: One Lavender Ribbon Cabot, Meg (see also Mysteries & Thrillers & Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author lists): Queen of Babble Gets Hitched Caldwell, Cindy: The Chef's Mail Order Bride (temp), Never Courted Suddenly Wed (temp)Callahan, Coreene: Fury of Fire, Fury of Ice, Fury of Seduction, Knight Awakened, Fury of Desire, Fury of Obsession Callihan, Kristen (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Calmes, Mary: All Kinds of Tied Down, Creature Feature, Blue Days (novella)Camaron, Chelsea: One Ride, Forever Ride Camden, Elizabeth: The Rose of Winslow Street, Against the Tide Cameron, Chelsea M.

My Favorite Mistake, Deeper We Fall, My Sweetest Escape Campbell, Anna: Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed, A Rake's Midnight Kiss, What a Duke Dares, A Rake's Midnight Kiss, A Scoundrel by Moonlight Campbell, Steph: Lengths (w/Liz Reinhardt), Depths (w/Liz Reinhardt)Cannon, Molly: Ain't Misbehaving, Crazy Little Thing Called Love Cardello, Ruth: Maid for the Billionaire, For Love or Legacy, Bedding the Billionaire, Saving the Sheikh, Rise of the Billionaire, Taken Not Spurred, Breaching the Billionaire, Come Away With Me, Tycoon Takedown, Home to Me, Maximum Risk, Taken Home (temp)Carew, Opal: His to Command, Blush, Illicit, Insatiable, His to Claim Carlan, Audrey: Body, Mind, Soul, January (temp), February (temp), March (temp)Carlino, Renee: After the Rain, Sweet Thing Carlisle, Kate: How to Seduce a Billionaire Carlyle, Liz: One Little Sin, One Touch Of Scandal, Wicked All Day, In Love with a Wicked Man, The Earl's Mistress Carmack, Cora: Losing It, Faking It, Finding It, All Broke Down, All Played Out Carmichael, CJ: Close to Her Heart Carney, Dee: Hunger Awakened, Hunger Aroused Carr, Robyn: Virgin River, Shelter Mountain, Whispering Rock, A Virgin River Christmas, Second Chance Pass, Temptation Ridge, Paradise Valley, Forbidden Falls, Angel's Peak, Moonlight Road, Promise Canyon, Wild Man Creek, Harvest Moon, A Summer in Sonoma, Bring Me Home for Christmas, Hidden Summit, Redwood Bend, Sunrise Point, My Kind of Christmas, Deep in the Valley, The Blue Falcon, The Everlasting Covenant, By Right of Arms, Chelynne, Down by the River, The Newcomer, The Hero, The Wanderer, The Braeswood Tapestry, Tempted, The Chance, Four Friends, The Wedding Party, Tis the Season, One Wish, A New Hope, Wildest Dreams, What We Find Carrington, Tori: Sofie Metropolis, Dirty Laundry, Foul Play, Working Stiff, Reckless Pleasures, Undeniable Pleasures, Wicked Pleasures, Private Sessions, Private Affairs, Private Parts, Guilty Pleasures, Queens Ransom, Love Bites Carter, Eve: Breathless Cartland, Barbara: The Queen Saves the King, A King in Love, Women Have Hearts, The Waltz Of Hearts, Lost Enchantment, The Little Adventure, The Mysterious Maid Servant, Bride To A Brigand, Kneel For Mercy, Light Of The Moon, Look With Love, The Explosion of Love; Lights, Laughter and a Lady; A Rebel Princess, No Heart Is Free, Love Is Innocent, No Darkness For Love, Fire on the Snow, The Reluctant Bride, A Fugitive from Love, Stars in My Heart, Broken Barriers, A Game of Love, A Nightingale Song, The Secret Fear, We Danced All Night (non-fiction/memoir), The Cruel Count, Love Locked In, The Gift of the Gods, The Passion and the Flower, The Sign of Love, Love to the Rescue, The Dragon and the Pearl, Little White Doves of Love, A Challenge of Hearts, The Prince and the Pekinese, The Unbroken Dream Casey, Elle: Shine Not Burn, Mackenzie Fire, Wrong Number Right Guy Casey, Ember: His Wicked Games Cash, Dixie (see Mysteries & Thrillers Audio Books by Author list)Cass, Kiera: The Selection, The Elite, The One, The Heir, The Favorite (novella), The Siren, The Crown Cassidy, Dakota (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list): Talk Dirty to Me, Something to Talk About, Talking After Midnight, What Not to Were, Forbidden Alpha, Witch Is The New Black Castille, Sarah: Against the Ropes, In Your Corner, Rough Justice, Sinner's Steel, Legal Heat, Barely Undercover Castle, Jayne (See Krentz, Jayne Ann below)Castle, Kendra Leigh (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list)Cates, Georgia: Beauty from Pain, Beauty from Surrender, Beauty from Love, A Necessary Sin (temp)Chamberlain, Diane: Pretending to Dance, Fire and Rain Chandler, Elizabeth: Kissed by an Angel, The Power Of Love, Soulmates, Evercrossed Chang, Eileen (see General Fiction Audio Books by Author list)Charles, Jane: Scots Spies & Salacious Lies Chase, Ashlyn: Flirting Under a Full Moon, How to Date a Dragon Chase, Elaine Raco: Dare the Devil Chase, Emma: Tangled, Tamed, Twisted, Tied, Holy Frigging Matrimony (short), Overruled, Sustained, Appealed, Sidebarred (temp)Chase, Loretta: Miss Wonderful, Lord Perfect, Silk is for Seduction, Vixen in Velvet, Scandal Wears Satin, Isabella, The English Witch, Captives of the Night, The Lion's Daughter, Viscount Vagabond, The Devil's Delilah, Knaves' Wager, The Sandalwood Princess, Mr.

Force of Nature, Force of the Dark Wolf, Ryland, Force of Knight Magic Beaton, M. (see also Mysteries & Thrillers Audio Books by Author list): Lady Fortescue Steps Out, Miss Tonks Turns to Crime, Mrs.

Budley Falls from Grace, Sir Philip's Folly, Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue, Back in Society, Emily Goes to Exeter, Belinda Goes to Bath, Minerva, The Taming of Annabelle, Deirdre and Desire, Daphne, Frederica in Fashion, Hiss and Hers, Lady Anne's Deception, The Scandalous Lady Wright, The Scandalous Marriage, The Love Match, A Governess of Distinction, Beatrice Goes to Brighton, The Flirt, The Ghost and Lady Alice, The Highland Countess, My Dear Duchess Beck, Andrea Johnson: Deadly Deception Beck, Jamie: Worth the Wait, Secretly Hers Begley, Jamie: Razer's Ride, Knox's Stand, Viper's Run, Shade’s Fall, Cash’s Fight, Shade, Lucky's Choice, Riot, Stand Off, Teased, Tainted, King Bell, Christine: Down for the Count, Down and Dirty, Down on Her Knees, Dirty Trick, Wife for Hire, Guardian for Hire Bellus, H. Iron Sinners, Blue Benjamin, Larry: What Binds Us Bennett, Cindy C.

The End of Feeling Bennett, Jenn: Bitter Spirits Bennett, Jules: Behind Palace Doors, What the Prince Wants Bennett, Sawyer: Alex, Wicked Fall, Zack, Friction , Wicked Need (temp)Beres, E.

Jean: Someone Else's Dream (short)Berg, Elizabeth: Until the Real Thing Comes Along Berg, J. When You’re Ready, Within These Walls, Beyond These Walls Bergren, Lisa Tawn (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list): Refuge, Torchlight, Pathways, Treasure, Chosen, Firestorm, The Bridge, Deep Harbor, Midnight Sun, Waterfall, Cascade, Glamorous Illusions, Bourne & Tributary, Remnants: Season of Fire Bernard, Renee: A Lady's Pleasure, Desire Wears Diamonds Bester, Tamsyn: The Line Between Beverley, Jo: An Arranged Marriage, An Unwilling Bride, Christmas Angel, Forbidden, Dangerous Joy, The Dragon's Bride, The Rogue's Return, To Rescue a Rogue, Lady Beware, Hazard, The Devil's Heiress, Dark Champion, Tempting Fortune, Tempting Fortune, Something Wicked, Secrets of the Night, Devilish, Winter Fire, A Most Unsuitable Man, A Lady's Secret, Skylark, My Lady Notorious Bacarr, Jina (see General Fiction Audio Books by Author list)Bevis, Kaitlin (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Books by Author list): Bianchin, Helen: Bride, Bought and Paid For (one title), Public Marriage Private Secrets Bird, Jessica (see Ward, J.