Consequently, to meet these challenges in Wyoming, a pioneering telehealth project was begun in August 1995 in which specialists (in this case psychologists) make use of state of the art technology to provide statewide consultations from a single location to professionals and paraprofessionals dispersed throughout the state, who, in turn, live and provide direct treatment services to individuals in sparsely populated settings.

For these reasons, in Wyoming and elsewhere, there is an increasing interest in the use of telehealth as a means of healthcare delivery.

Coordinating and funding such efforts on any consistent basis is a logistically difficult, time-consuming, and expensive endeavor.

In an arena such as this, physically transporting specialized professionals to remote locations to render on-site treatment or quality training to workers in the field on subjects that are individualized and interactive is practically impossible.

The population for the state having the ninth largest land mass is numbered at 453,588, making it the least populated state, with the overwhelming majority of individuals living in rural and frontier areas.

Data from the 1990 United States Census Database provide a template for understanding the demographic, social, economic, and cultural landscape of Wyoming. Telepsychiatry in an inner-city community psychiatric service.

For example, in Wyoming, responding to these more general challenges is exacerbated by the long distances between service-delivery agencies involved and the intemperate weather occurring throughout much of the year.

Wyoming Developmental Disabilities Division Cheyenne, Wyoming Barbara Fortune University of Wyoming, Wyoming Practice Residency In a general atmosphere of escalating healthcare costs and increasing consumer expectations, additional challenges arise when serving persons with complex needs in very remote settings.

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