In Cebu though it’s one lump sum upfront to the girl that covers everything, and doesn’t really have a name.In Cebu they seem to be keeping the fact that sex is on sale a little bit more hidden – on this trip I was often told ‘In some bars they still called it a ‘barfine’, or at least used the term once I did.

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They seemed to want to keep things as discreet as possible.

In other bars I just walked out with the girl though. You can find Cebu’s girly bars a short walk 300m East of the Mango Square area of discos. They’re easy to spot, lit by neon signs on either side of the street.

Have fun dodging the ladyboys and child beggars that come up to you.

On a recent trip I checked out all the girly bars – below are the prices I paid or was quoted in each place.

Cebu City’s ‘Mango Avenue’ (General Maxilom Avenue) is home to about a dozen bikini bars / KTVs where you can find a nice Filipina lady to keep you company for the night.

All in all it’ll cost you around 3000-4000 pesos (-90) plus drinks.

The bars are open from around 8pm – 3.30am or later if there are customers.

In Angeles City or Manila you pay for sex in two transactions – the barfine paid to the bar, then the tip paid to the girl after sex.

It’s fairly negotiable in every Cebu bar, it just depends on the girls’ mood.

Buying a lady drink or two can make it cheaper, but not necessarily.

Girls only keep about 80 pesos from each lady drink you buy them.