They were found unharmed inside the single family home Tuesday afternoon. He began his employment there earlier this month and has since been placed on leave per school procedure.

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MINNESOTA Pioneer Press By Sarah Horner [email protected]: 09/30/2014 A part-time high school coach is in custody after two missing teens were found in his Burnsville home.

The 13-year-old neighbors from Andover were reported missing Monday around p.m.

after engaging in electronic conversations with unknown men online.

Using "digital forensic methods," detectives tracked the girls to Casey Lee Chinn's residence on the 2400 block of Hayes Court in Burnsville, according to the Anoka County sheriff's office. "I don't think they understand the gravity of what has taken place." Chinn is a part-time volleyball coach for Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Minneapolis, according to Annemarie Hansen, communications director for the school.

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