Prosecution spokesman Luvuyo Mfaku, speaking outside court, said the April date would allow the Constitutional Court time to decide whether it would hear Pistorius’ appeal.The defense has 15 days to submit appeal papers to the Constitutional Court, Mfaku said.Pistorius may not travel further than a 12-mile (20-kilometer) radius outside of his uncle’s mansion in a Pretoria suburb, the judge ruled. Earlier, the state argued that Pistorius may try to flee, and asked for strict bail conditions but did not say he should be sent back to prison before sentencing.

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PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) — A judge on Tuesday let Oscar Pistorius remain under house arrest at his uncle’s mansion and set an April sentencing date, five days after an appeals court convicted the double-amputee Olympian of murder for killing his girlfriend.

In the meantime, Pistorius’ legal team plans to appeal his murder conviction in South Africa’s highest court, the Constitutional Court, chief defense lawyer Barry Roux said.

In convicting Pistorius on Thursday of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the Supreme Court of Appeal threw out a lower court’s lesser manslaughter conviction.

The appeals court said Pistorius should be sentenced by the lower court.

Judge Aubrey Ledwaba of that court, the North Gauteng High Court, set April 18 for the sentencing and granted Pistorius bail of 2, extending his house arrest until then.The judge said Pistorius will be placed under electronic monitoring and may only leave his uncle’s home between 7 a.m. Pistorius’ bail is a fraction of the 3,000 bail he paid when he first appeared in court for the 2013 shooting.But after his 16th birthday in January, Edward received a letter from officials, ordering him to attend an assessment so he could start claiming the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which has replaced DLA.Despite his condition being known to benefits staff, Edward, who has an identical twin, was told to travel to the centre in Derbyshire for the face-to-face meeting so his condition be assessed - or risk losing his benefits.Despite his condition being known to benefits staff, the teenager (pictured with his brother William) was told to travel from his home in Derbyshire to an assessment centre for a meeting - or risk losing his benefits Edward will hear the outcome of his claim 'imminently', a DWP source said.Mr Bright said he will receive the same amount, which covers the cost of taking him to his various medical appointments and other day-to-day living costs.