It will be perfect variant for those couples, who want to spend a lot of time together.Such dating will be full of romanticism, because sweethearts may talk a lot, get known more about each other, flirt and say sweet nothings during a long walk.

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Rotorua welcomes the singles interested in the national traditions and native people, because this region is a heart of New Zealand Maori culture.

Therefore, the dating here will be very romantic and informative.

On the other hand, the meeting of sweethearts may be very relaxing and enjoyable, because the region is considered to be the "Nature Spa of the South Pacific" with its geothermal hot springs as well as a variety of therapeutic spa and massage therapies.

The beloved may choose from a great number of places to date in Rotorua.

One of them is Agrodome - a fun place, which is spread over the spacious area.

But it is really recommended for nature lovers, because here the couples may be engaged in such activities as enjoying award winning sheep, feeding the cattle or milking a cow on stage.

Additionally, the singles have an opportunity to become members of such adventure activities as swooping, bungee jumping and free falling.

Moving further, we couldn't have mentioned such place as Mangorewa Walking Track located within Mangorewa Ecological Area.

That's why - there will be enough time to have fun and to discuss serious themes like plans for future.