This is a collection of One-Shots for the Android/I-Phone Otome (girls dating sim) Game: Shall We Date?

Giving a small sigh as I placed the last book in my backpack, I reached behind me, yanking the sheets from her bed.

"Shizuka, it is almost seven in the morning, and you have class in just under forty-five minutes," I said, getting a grumble from the very pretty and exotic looking girl, who just glared at me with brown eyes that had distinctive lavender flecks in their depths."Tsukikage, you're a bitch - you know that! Let me have my beauty sleep right now," she groused as she snaked out her hand, snagging the blanket from my own, before promptly turning over and going back to sleep.

With a soft laugh and a small shake of my head, I turned and headed towards the door, knowing full well this was just part of our ritual every morning.

When I recall it now, it had at first been a real pain in the ass to get her up outta bed, especially since I would get a fist landing somewhere on my body.

I had crawled out of bed after my alarm had woke me up, took a shower, dressed, and brushed my teeth.

Then while gathering all my text books for my college classes, I harassed my obnoxiously annoying roommate to drag her ass out of bed.

Even after close to four years of having her as a roommate, I still had no clue what she did as a job.

But whatever it was, she always came in at the most awful hours banging into things, and at times reeking of alcohol and other various drugs, which made me wonder how she even pulled a B average to stay in the school.

But after a while, I had gotten used to that and learned to dodge, so she had eventually fallen out of the bed.

That particular event caused us to actually get to know a bit about each other.

We were both orphans, except that her parents had given her up because they didn't want her any more, while in my case, I had no memory of who my parents were, what my lineage was, though I was sure it had Asian somewhere in it from my own looks.