Virtual Vancouver hosts Art Gallery shows, streaming concerts, book festivals, and other cultural events.Red Light Center offers Community Events, such as classes, meeting rooms, live music with dancing and art-gallery openings.Users also have the ability to put on their own events.

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Red Light Center (RLC) is a privately owned Massively Multi-User Reality (sm) site that was made available to the public early in 2006 by Utherverse Inc.. Red Light Center is modeled after Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The online community site offers users virtual nightclubs, hotels, bars, movie theaters and stores.

There is a virtual currency called Rays, which members can earn and use for services in the community, Zaby apartments, Gifts for other members, and various other purposes.

Rays can also be sold on an open Marketplace for real currency.

As an adult playground, RLC features a sex function for VIP members.

The users are represented by avatars, which may be customized personally to suit a user's tastes, and may be used to have virtual sex with another.

Certain areas of RLC provide a bed for the users and cater to various popular fantasies.

The last press release noting RLC membership, in March 2008, estimated the registered userbase at over 1.5 million.

A player can own their own Zaby apartment within the 3D World.