Life is a journey, it has hills and slopes and one should be ready to take the the correct route that will lead him/her to Green pastures.Nobody is perfect and relationship is all about understanding your partner and knowing his or her likes and dislikes. Details about Kanze Dena salary will soon be updated…Dear Jamie: I’m sorry but I would like to challenge some of your Black male readers.

She is beautiful, talented, and her flawless Swahili makes people love her.

Kanze Dena gave birth to her first child while she was still in school and this gave her much problems with her parents.

Her mother threatened to send her away because she was viewed as a disgrace to the family and a very bad example to the girl child.

She however went, pleaded with her parents to take her back to school.

Her mother felt pity for her and accepted to educate her again.

Dena put a lot of effort in her studies putting in mind the mistakes she did earlier on, for “Wise people learn from the fools’ mistakes” she was very kin not to repeat what she did.Kanze Dena grew to be a journalists and got a good and well paying job in one of the Kenya’s TV station.However, her marriage life remained to be a very big stress to her.Despite the fact that Kanze Dena got married with her two kids, her husband never loved her, and he always saw her as a mistake to his life, until she one day decided “well,enough is enough” and she took off.As she gives her story, Kanze Dena is now happily married to a banana peddler and she believes that, that’s where God has placed her.She says that financial position of a person is not as good as his heart,and she also says that,its better to ride on a bicycle and be happy than ride on a range Rover and cry always.