By combining expert instruction, cutting-edge training methodologies, professional-quality facilities, and a fun and motivating environment featuring youth athletes from around the world, IMG Academy camps create memories to last a lifetime.In Islam, the basic principle of the interaction between men and women is segregation.This means that in all areas of life and in all places whether private or public, contact between men and women is generally prohibited.

For example, it is permitted for men and women who are mahram to each other to mix freely for any purpose that Islam permits.

As well, there are certain areas where it is permitted for non-mahram men and woman to interact with each other, such as for the purpose of da‘wah (invitation to Islam).

However, the type of mixing that can occur here is not free, and is restricted by the Shari‘ah to be within certain guidelines and boundaries, and the Muslim must be sure to understand these before any type of mixing takes place.

The ahkam (rules) to do with mixing also vary with regard to the kind of place in which the mixing occurs.

He stopped the women saying, “It is not proper for you to walk in the middle of the path, you had better walk along the walls.”In Abu Dawud, p.284, Hadith No.

4931, it is narrated upon the authority of Aisha (ra) that she said: "I used to play with my friends and whenever the Prophet (saw) entered they would leave and whenever he (saw) went out they would come back in."In Abu Dawud Hadith No.4933, it is narrated that Aisha (ra) said: "The Prophet married me at seven and we had relationship at nine and when I moved to medina some women prepared me for the wedding and they nor I ever mixed with men in a house of women.The women received me and men received the Prophet and then we went to the house."In Abu Dawud V.4, p.370, Hadith No .5273, it is narrated upon the authority of Nafih that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said, "Do not walk between two men or between two women in the street."This means that the Muslims should avoid contact with members of the opposite sex, whether Muslim or not, as a general rule.However, there are exceptions to this general rule, where the mixing or interaction between men and women is permitted in certain situations.In an Islamic society, there are two types of areas where men and women come into contact with each other, which are quite different in their descriptions and in the ahkam (rules) which relate to them.The nature of the interaction between people in them may involve the mixing among men, among women, and between men and women.These are: The Public Areas - These consist of areas wherein anybody can be present without permission, e.g. The Private Areas - These are areas where permission is required to enter them, such as houses.