We strongly believe in uniqueness of design and great ideas, so no two designs will ever be the same. Homeand I'm surrounded bya million people Istill feel all alone... kahit nakakainis na hindi ako pumapayat kahit ganito na ako kapagod ahahah... kaya i accepted their offer na magtrabaho sa knila for the summer. I wanna go home Let me go home It's been a thrillbut I've had my filllet me go home And I feel just like I'm livingsomeone else's life It's like I just stepped outsideand everything was going right And I know just why you couldn't come along with me This was not your dreambut you always believed in me...

let us be realistichaypanganay siyaonly boyand both the parents' .. strictly adore this song because its simple and beautiful ..

im really kabadohelp :(Taking caricature and storytelling to a whole new level, Krisdax creatives is proud to specialize in making CUSTOM DESIGNED CARTOONS. Another summer day Another winter day, has gone by In either Paris or Rome..I wanna to go home... dahil dito- even though i know not all jobs are this fun or exciting- i can't wait to start working in the real world.

Creative and fresh; this is the perfect invitation, video, souvenir and gift for all occasions- weddings, debuts, despedidas etc.: P Thanks! Homeand I'm surrounded bya million people Istill feel all alone I wanna go home I miss you And I've been keeping all the lettersthat I wrote to you, Each one a line or two I'm fine baby, how are you? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SA AKING MGA FRIENDSHIPS SI MAIMAILOO BRAYALOO AND REGGIELOO!!! SURPRISE EVERY YEAR WUHOOOOO DAHIL SA INYO I LOVE MY BIRTHDAYS TLGA IN ATENEO!!!

*Krisdax creatives is comprised of artistic free lance professionals who are here to provide for all your creative needs. I would send them but I know that it's just not enough My words were cold and flat And you deserve more than that Another summer day, another winter day, has gone by In either Paris or Rome..I wanna to go home... thank you guys sooo much happiness tlga *clap clap* medyo na LSS nga lng ako dun sa song ni nino bwhahaha but mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah tlga!

They were the one's who fixed tin tin bersola's wedding and cesar montano's. With no fixed schedules and working at most 18 hours a day, minsan overnight sa set. Firstly i love it becasue i get full/ complete creative freedom...

part of my job in balay kandila is to meet clients and design their weddings/ debuts (as in i get to create- conceptualize and everything... from flowers, to table designs, to back drops, to sets, everything) ahaha they allowed me becasue they found out na marunong ako magdesign, drawing ekek! i'm a pretty pricate person and don't want to sound like the toher annoying bfs who just go on and on babout their boyfriend.. I can talk to adults naman and can pretty well mingle with them pero shet.. i love BEA MAI AND REG becasue they make it so easy for me to be me and NOT anyone else... minsan lng kasi parent sniya dito since they work abroad. and kahit gumuho man ang mundo ko nandun sila palagi at alam ko na di tulad sa mga ibang tao at kanilang barkada... yung pinupuntahan lamang dahil sa knya lng pwedeng "labasan" ahahha labo bsta SI BEAbwahaha i have been hating this feeling for past week... yak as if drinker tlga ako : D hay im not the type to write long or meaningful entries kya... i iknew it would happen eentually pero parang nagulat ako. At alam ko hindi nila ako turing na "comfort friend" lamang- comfort friend: parang comfort food, yung pinupuntahan lng kapag may kailangang makinig ng storya nila. kya can't wait to go drinking with reg adn pola (sana matuloy nxt week)....bring on the booze bebe!! some insecurities just can't leave u diba hahahatanggap ko mataba akotanggap niya at mahal niya ako kahit tabaching ching akopero panu magulang niya?