(Examples: If watching TV, ask partner if would like anything--offer to put stool under feet or take off shoes and massage feet. Etc...)Next time you kiss, pause, look into your partner's eyes remembering what it was like when you first met. Embrace your partner and gently kiss them fully, letting your lips part, and enjoy every second of it.If cooking dinner, volunteer to clean up, do dishes while partner just relaxes. After the kissing is finished, just hold each other a few moments longer. Agree to meet at a social event or public place and act as if you are meeting each other for the first time---flirt, make 'eyes' at each other or other gestures from across the room, rub against each other when walking by, etc.61.'Surprise' your partner by taking them someplace they have said they wanted to go--a sporting event, a concert, a restaurant, a computer show, the mall, etc. Enjoy your partner enjoying it and do it simply for love.29. After dinner, or after the kids go to bed, put on one of your or your partner's favorite slow song -- or the song from your wedding -- take her or him by the hand and slow dance, relishing the feeling of it and the memories with it.

Take your partner someplace you think he or she will love. Have a florist deliver a rose, the newspaper and a note telling him/her which page to turn to and where the ad is.36. Her goal is to help people take the relationship they have and make it much more of the one they both truly want -- and in so doing, make the world a better place.

Write a short poem (even if it doesn't rhyme and even if you think you could never write poetry) telling of your love. You can find out more through her Website, Information, observations, and opinions are offered for general reference only and should not be misconstrued as counseling advice, diagnosis or psychotherapy.

You can start with lines like, "Like the light of a harvest moon. Base your treatment or decisions solely upon the recommendations of your your own psychotherapist, counselor or physician or your own choices.

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Nancy Kenyon provides carefully selected professional single clients with the highest level of personalized service and has been recognized as the only Professional National and International Matchmaking Agency in Florida. Kenyon has successfully arranged hundreds of marriages and thousands of relationships during her 30+ years working as a professional psychologist and matchmaker. Kenyon’s education, experience and caring approach are what brings her success and true happiness to others.

With 30+ years of irrefutable success and impeccable business integrity, Dr. The following is a chronological listing of date of installation and location of Western Electric/Northern Electric/North Electric #4 Crossbar Toll Switches.Wake up to the day as if it was 'the first time' you were alone with your spouse. Sit and just look lovingly at him/her for a few moments.Ask about them and their day and just listen and try to let them know you understand (even if you disagree)--no problem solving unless asked for!Try a new way to make your love-making more sensual and prolonged.(Can use candles, incense, longer foreplay, times of just kissing and holding, caressing, exploring each other's bodies by touch, etc.) Pamper your partner one evening. Slowly bring your lips to theirs--first gently kissing his/her upper lip, then lower lip.