How To Write A Winning Profile Wondered why you didn't get contacted by the right people?If you've tried writing your profile before and wondered why you didn't get contacted by the right people (or didn't get contacted, at all!), this guide will help to explain why, and help you to create a profile advert that attracts the people you want.

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Internet dating allows people to take active responsibility for their own lives instead of leaving their romantic futures entirely to chance.

Internet dating sites allow you to 'meet' many times more single people in less time you would otherwise take. How to Find Your Perfect Match Discover how yo can reach your ture hearts desire!

This guide illustrates that while the road to true love may have a few large potholes in it, by some honest self appraisal, and a little careful planning, you can reach your true hearts desire.

How To Date Safely Online Dating Safely Online If you're still a little wary of online dating, this guide will describe the steps you need to take to make your online dating activities as safe as they can be.

More Free Guides to Dating and Friendship Online Make Internet Friends Regardless of your nationality or culture if you're searching for new friends New Friends4u can connect you with different people, ages and countries worldwide.

If you are searching for Internet friends you've probably already realising how difficult it is to find new social friends.

Maybe you find yourself staying in watching TV, all your friends are married or with a partner, perhaps you have recently moved to a new area or country and know of no single people you can meet to socialise with or are just in the 'Singles' category again? Making Female Friends Online With New Friends4U it's easy making new female friends online!

Finding answers to these questions will help you to create your personal ad, as well as find other suitable people to respond to.

Discover how to attract the people you want, compare your advert to the advice given, and see if you can get a few more replies!

Dating at the Speed of Light Are you in search of someone special?

With this free dating guide you will learn how to attract the type of person you are looking for and how to write your dating profile.