It's also the most affordable Garmin GPS that has all the important features: a 5-inch multitouch glass touchscreen, a snappy interface, and lifetime access to traffic data and map updates. At CES 2015 in January, Garmin released a number of new in-car GPS devices.Their $180 nüvi 58LMT looks like the best contender to take on our current pick, offering similar features as the nüvi 2597LMT but with the added ability to pair it with a wireless backup camera.Additionally, Magellan’s back with three new additions to their Road Mate lineup of in-car GPS hardware.

We're planning an update of this guide this year, so we'll consider these new Garmin and Magellan models in our next round of testing.

Added the Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT to the What to Look Forward to section.

We'll be considering it along with new units introduced at CES 2015 when we ramp up testing for the revision of this guide early next year.

After spending more than 40 hours surveying the latest automotive navigation devices—and testing our front-runners over 1,000 brutal miles of rural, suburban, and urban orienteering—we’re anointing Garmin’s $200 nüvi 2539LMT as the best car GPS for most people.

Garmin’s driving interface is easier to follow than anything else currently available, thanks to the smoothness and precision of its automatic zoom and the usefulness of the information presented both on the map itself and on its periphery (trip data, street names, points-of-interest, etc.).

We tested the most promising GPS units across 1,000 brutal miles of rural, suburban, and urban orienteering and the Garmin nüvi 2539LMT is our new pick for best car GPS.

If the 2539LMT is unavailable, we recommend the Garmin nüvi 58LMT, which offers identical features but has a cheaper resistive touchscreen.

Our budget pick is the Garmin nüvi 55LM, a basic navigator that doesn’t feature traffic or maps for Canada and Alaska.

The Garmin nüvi 2798LMT is our upgrade pick, a 7-inch unit that has a Bluetooth speakerphone and wireless backup camera in addition to the same features as our top pick.