Directly above the United States, the provinces located in Canada are not only a popular place to live in North America, but also for vacationing at, as well.One of Canada's most prominent features is its wildlife and topography.For example, the Rockies present a wonderful opportunity to get close to nature.

The best times to see the most native wildlife out and about are during the spring and summer months.

When to Go There is not a one-size-fits-all answer that covers when the best time to take a trip to Canada is – it just depends on what one plans on doing when they get there!

For example, winter is a great time to ski, see beautiful snowy landscapes and observe a select few animals, like owls.

In total, there are ten different provinces that span across Canada, but only three territories.

Wildlife in Canada Canada is home to a variety of large mammals, birds, fish and insects.

For example, one can find beavers, squirrels, large wild cats, bears, moose, bats, foxes, otters and even seals – just to name a few!In fact, many people travel specifically to Canada to go bird watching during all seasons of the year.In addition to the mountains, there are also beaches along the coast to visit, as well as lakes and streams, too.Places in Canada Unlike the United States, the regions in Canada are broken up into different provinces and territories.One of the largest cities in Canada is Ottawa, which also happens to be the country's capital.The Rocky Mountains are a frequent destination for natives and travelers alike due to the immense variation in wildlife and gorgeous scenery.