While its science fiction edge made it a bit more complex than the stories of those teens from the Creek (no offense, James Van Der Beek) it definitely held an important role in television history.

In it, the characters of Max Evans, Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin are half human/half alien residents of Roswell, New Mexico who hide their identity until an incident happens at a cafe that reveals their hidden truth. Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker Liz plays a central role in the story – after she got accidentally shot, she was saved by Max, and became aware of his powers. Since Roswell ended, Shiri has appeared in a lot of big projects, both on the big screen and on television.

In 2006, Shiri took a recurring role on the short-lived ABC drama .

You might have also seen her in a few music videos – she was featured in the Bon Jovi video for “It’s My Life” as well as Gavin De Graw’s video for the 2004 hit “I Don’t Want To Be”. While Jason has been working since, his choice of roles has been kind of interesting.

In 2012, she took on the role of Lucy on the TV series . She gave birth to a girl, Natalie Bouader Shook, on March 23, 2013 and is now in the midst of planning her wedding to her fiance, Jon Shook. He became known for taking on parts in smaller, independent features like Unsu Lee’s , which was released to poor reviews.

You can catch him in the U2 video “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”.

The music industry totally digs those Roswell hooligans!

In 2005, he co-starred in the comedy Maria held an important role.

The mid to late 2000’s were a bit rough in general, as he also had three pilots that weren’t sold (two on Fox, and one on the CW).

Currently, he’s been appearing on a few episodes of the A&E drama Michael’s an interesting guy – while he’s super smart, his nerves about his “secret” being revealed (as well as his pretty terrible relationship with his boozy foster father) made him look like a complete underachiever.