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At these words, I blushed, as at the time was talking about Dad, I was in some jeans with bare-chested. - You do not need to be embarrassed me, I’m your dad. Father said now confidently and efficiently somehow.

- Still, the other day I was walking past your room and saw the open door, as you stared at myself in the mirror.

Called me on his knees, he did not wait until I myself began to stir, and grabbed me by the waist and dragged to his feet.

I plopped down close to his stomach and rested my ass in his pants.

Then I already knew almost everything about the relationship between man and woman, so he felt under the buttocks firm, knew what it meant. Teens say that they are uncomfortable talking about sex with their parents because they worry it will make their parents angry, or that their parents will assume they are doing some things they might not actually be doing. Pay attention to the conversation and don’t do too many other things at the same time.In other words, teens say they are afraid their parents will “freak out.” So that’s the first conversation tip—don’t freak out. Becoming angry or overreacting to a question or mistake can upset your teen, or worse, silence any hope of future dialogue. You don’t have to drop everything; you can cook or do laundry while you talk.You may be freaking out on the inside, but on the outside, try to keep calm. Just be sure to listen and make certain your teen knows you are hearing every word. Let your teen know you understand how challenging life as an adolescent can be. Help teens know that you understand that the social pressures and obligations of a teen can feel like a lot. When you have a chance to talk with your teen though, try to put some of those worries and activities aside.Encourage them to stay focused on school and other priorities. Regardless of your views on the timing of sex, safety is an important part of the message to give your teen. Make sure they understand that condoms aren't just for preventing pregnancy, but also for reducing the likelihood of contracting STDs and HIV. Let them know how you felt and the challenges you faced when you were their age. Don’t look at this as one huge, overwhelming moment. Truth be told, when it comes to important topics like relationships, your teen does want to hear from you, but might find talking comfortable for only a few minutes at a time.