(The shortest guy I ever dated was 5'2, and he was lovely, although he did insist on standing on his front stoop and kissing me goodnight over the railing).

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I've been re-reading bits of Lori Gottlieb's Marry Him!

, which I bought at an airport shortly after Peter and I got engaged.

For those who haven't read it, it's a fairly entertaining case for "settling", interspersed with dating projects like speed-dating or cruising with a dating coach.

One of the things that really stuck out for me is how picky she (and many other women) are about height. But she only wants to date guys who are 5'10 or above. I am 6'2, and I didn't put those kinds of restrictions on my dating.

Whether we're playing sports or I'm just trying to leap over his head, it feels a lot better with a tall man than a short one.

In a similar vein, for tall women interested in sports (as a lot of us probably are -- our height helps us be better athletes) competing with someone taller is generally more exciting.

I've dated guys as small as 5'8 and as tall as 6'5, and never really cared about anyone's height, except in passing. People who are tall are more likely to be into the sports/activities I'm into (or at least to be good at them). it's sort of nice to FEEL like a girl sometimes. Or like if they can pick you up or throw you in the air or do something you can't.

Not just short guys, who were often actively rude and hostile to me, but tall and average-height men as well.

Discrimination against humans who are on one end or another of the height distribution curve is not limited to men. I don't know if a 6'2 woman gets as much flak as a 5'2 man--but the difference is in degree, not in kind.

Unless we have access to a good basketball team, tall women eventually have to give up the fantasy about being tiny and delicate. But many men haven't given up the fantasy; they really want someone they can look down on.

Our guys are not going to be able to cradle us like babies, toss us around like rag dolls.