Those post-breakup orgasms were amazing system cleansers and reboots. I show you how to have life-changing sex and make your intimate relationship your power source and secret weapon—even if you are single.I released huge amounts of emotion through them and was able to move much faster out of the grief zone.

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There is a “right” and “wrong” way to orgasm; only in the sense that one energizes you and the other tires you.

(I’ll be addressing this in the Sexual Mastery for Men salon). In this 8-week course, I spill the secrets of male sexual power.

Like I’m always saying, if sex isn’t a rejuvenating, energizing, life-giving experience for you, then you aren’t doing it right.

Keeping your sexual energy up through self-pleasuring in-between relationships is good for you on many levels. That experience also really showed me the power of “energy sex,” and sex without touch, but that’s worthy of another post.

When you are “wearing” your exuberant sexual energy, you are more likely to attract someone into your life. I’d wake up, roll over, turn on my computer, have incredible screen sex with my lover, hop in the shower, and go about my day. 🙂 Self-pleasure keeps the energy flowing within yourself, toward your partner, toward prospective partners (!

When you are “wearing” your sexual dormancy, you are unlikely to attract someone into your life.

Or, you’ll attract someone who is equally as listless sexually.

Sometimes I would imagine him, sometimes I wouldn’t. In the short call, I go through exactly how the salon will run and answer some common questions, like: How does it work if I’m single? Click to listen or right click on this link to download: ~Kxx I am a holistic sex and relationship coach, vaginal weight lifter and surfer.

In fact, sex can help you move through your breakup. I was immobilized for a while, and then began a daily self-pleasuring practice.

While I definitely support the need to take time and regroup after a break up, there is no reason to become sexually inactive.

Many people I speak to let their sexual fires burn out when they are in-between relationships.