MEXICO CITY IPS By Diego Cevallos MEXICO CITY, Jan 31 (IPS) - Marcial Maciel, the founder of the influential conservative Catholic order Legionaries of Christ, "took with him to the grave secrets and guilt for which he never asked forgiveness," said activist Joaquín Aguilar, referring to the numerous accusations of pedophilia faced by the Mexican priest, who died in the United States.

“Rear Admiral Foote, United States Navy the clearer of the Mississippi River,” in manuscript on verso.

With cut manuscript title from the album that contained this CDV: “General Joe Johnson of the Confeder’t States Army.” VG. Brady’s National Photographic Portrait Galleries, Washington, DC & NY. Brady’s National Photographic Portrait Galleries, NY & Washington, DC.

This CDV came from an album of mostly NY and DC backmarks, including a number of Brady images.

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Generals of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia-Portraits of Generals R. I wrote him to this effect: if there was but one negative of Wakins’ Glen in existence, and if Watkins’ Glen itself was entirely wiped off the face of the earth, and if this one negative was old and “dense” and very slow to “print,” and if all the people of this country were as much interested in a view of Watkins’ Glen as they are in seeing the real scenes of our great war, so faithfully reproduced, should Watkins’ Glen Pictures be compared to photographs made “at the front” during the days of 1861 to 1865.” Cabinet Card.

Great advertising piece on the back: “A gentleman living near Watkins’ Glen, New York, wrote me that he thought twenty-five cents each, too high a price for the stereoscopic war views, as he could buy views of Watkins’ Glen for .50 per dozen.

Hill, Ewell, Fitz Lee, Beauregard and Breckinridge, on one card.

Eshleman, Captain Foster’s Clerk,” written on verso.

This soldier is listed as a Private in the 10th Regiment NY Heavy Artillery, Co.

With cut manuscript title from the album that contained this CDV.

Beauregard, Chief Engineer of the Confederate States,” in manuscript on verso.