Give a woman 100 guys and she will turn down 99 of them in order to choose the one who fits her idea of an exciting, handsome and rewarding man.

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While this is crass in it’s explanation, It truthfully reveals how we think when it comes to a woman dating.

Part of the reason is because we know how desperate our fellow men are and because of that we assume that women have little effort to make in order to gain a mate.

It doesn’t help also when you see women turn down friends of yours (that you know are good men) only to see them lament later on about having been dogged out by someone else.

The problem with this assumption however it is that women are picky about their mates while man are usually quantity over quality.

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In our minds it’s like “why are you turning down guys then if you’re lonely?

” because we assume that your door is getting beaten down by the desperate man every day.

Our perception is skewed in this manner and most guys assume that lonely women are the product of their discriminatory taste!

So the next time you read an article or watch a panel that has an attractive woman going on about her chronic singlehood, I hope this article sheds some light on why the male commentary is rarely if ever supportive.