Kada se u tu priču uključi dodatne originalnosti, dobivate miris gume, kočnice i buku gomile našpananih natjecatelja željnih iskušavanja jedne od najiščekivanijih utrka u biciklizmu. U Boutique Hotelu Alhambra, po prvi put u Hrvatskoj, svoja “supertoskanska” vina Sassicaia predstavit će Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta, međunarodna ambasadorica obiteljske vinarije Tenuta San Guido.


More than 40 years after the original Pleasure Pier was destroyed by Hurricane Carla, Landry's has transformed the Pleasure Pier into a world-class amusement park for all ages.

Originally built in the late 1940s as a recreational facility for the military, the Pier was turned over to the city after World War II and named Pleasure Pier.

The Pleasure Pier operated as an iconic family destination until 1961, when Hurricane Carla hit Texas.

In 1965, the Flagship Hotel, then the only hotel in the nation built entirely over the water, opened on the site, but was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008.

You are watching exclusive LIVE footage from Alaska's Brooks River in Katmai National Park.

Download the profiles to the right to learn who is at Brooks Falls today.NGO: Katmai National Park and Preserve grant: 0,000 location: Brooks Camp - Falls mission: To provide salary support and equipment for a seasonal media ranger position, to support educational programming and the brown bear webcams, and for ongoing interpretive activities Exclusive LIVE footage from Alaska's Brooks River in Katmai National Park.For decades, the historic Pleasure Pier served as a tourism catalyst for Galveston's Seawall Boulevard and the Texas Gulf Coast.In 2012, the Pleasure Pier reopened as a nostalgically-themed amusement park — representing a return to glory for the Pier.The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier rivals similar parks like Chicago's Navy Pier, the Santa Monica Pier and Coney Island's Luna Park.In 2013 Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Awards recognized the Pleasure Pier as one of the world's top-five seaside parks.