In order to save Onpu from an eternal sleep, the girls give up their magic powers to awaken her.At the start of the fourth grade, Doremi and the others, who sneak into the Witch World to visit Majo Rika, witness the birth of a magical baby, who is given the name Hana.As witch law dictates that whoever witnesses a magical baby's birth must take care of it for a year, Doremi and the others and once again made witch apprentices tasked with raising Hana.

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It focuses on a group of elementary school girls, led by Doremi Harukaze, who become witch apprentices.

The series aired in Japan on TV Asahi between February 1999 and January 2003, spanning four seasons and 201 episodes, and was followed by an original video animation series released between June and December 2004.

An English language version of the first season, produced by 4Kids Entertainment, aired in North America in 2005.

The franchise has also spawned two companion films, various manga adaptations, and a sequel light novel series.

Doremi Harukaze (Dorie Goodwyn in the American English dub), a third grade elementary school girl living in the fictional Japanese town of Misora (A fictional American town called Port Mystic in the American English dub), comes across an esoteric shop known as the Maho-Do , correctly guessing that its owner, Majo Rika, is a witch.

Due to a curse placed on any witch whose identity is discovered by a human, Majo Rika is transformed into a magical frog.Wanting to return to her original form, Majo Rika makes Doremi her witch apprentice, giving her the ability to cast magic.In order to become a fully fledged witch capable of turning Majo Rika into normal, Doremi has to pass nine different witch tests, whilst also keeping her identity a secret from other humans.Doremi is soon joined by her two best friends, Hazuki Fujiwara and Aiko SenĊ, and later by her younger sister Pop, who all become witch apprentices, helping to run the Maho-Do whilst using magic to help out their friends and families, with the occasional mishap.They soon come across a rival witch apprentice, Onpu Segawa, who has been using forbidden magic to influence people's memories.Whilst initially cold towards the other girls, Onpu soon warms up to them and sacrifices herself to prevent their identities from being revealed.