A hand ful of Wall Street scum bags and their operatives were the culprits as usual.

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Well, back in the 80s, we didn't "flip" on our calls!

Back then we had good music like Emerson Lake and Palmers' "Touch It and Go" and we got all our trading info from Gary Ross at Pyrex and whomever we were playing golf with that day in Houston.

In those days, GOTCO used to have a trader named "Tak" who would shout across the trading room, "I'm paid to take a position; not change my mind!!

WTI crude extends it exuberant ramp to a 3rd day - heading for its 5th weekly gain - the longest since May, climbing above $42, reaching its highest in 3 months amid dollar weakness, falling output, and continued hope of a production freeze (at record levels with a record glut and weakening demand).

Brent is moving in parallel with WTI, testing key resistance level, according to Bloomberg technical strategist.

“There is positive momentum at the moment -- the floor in oil price is being set higher and higher and that is boosting momentum upward... What is most worrying, however, is this means Dennis Gartman has just a window until "the end of his lifetime" at the dreaded . Obviously Goldman had help — there were other players in the physical commodities market — but the root cause had almost everything to do with the behavior of a few powerful actors determined to turn the once-solid market into a speculative casino.The positive sentiment is driven by April production freeze talks,” says van Cleef, noting this added to slowing U. You know, I was really liking the deflation direction we were going on but I knew it would not last because the FED would not be able to raise rates. Just have to be prepared as best we can for major inflation. Goldman did it by persuading pension funds and other large institutional investors to invest in oil futures — agreeing to buy oil at a certain price on a fixed date.The push transformed oil from a physical commodity, rigidly subject to supply and demand, into something to bet on, like a stock.Between 20, the amount of speculative money in commodities grew from billion to 7 billion, an increase of 2,300 percent.By 2008, a barrel of oil was traded 27 times, on average, before it was actually delivered and consumed.Thanks Vince Somewhere out there there is a chart showing the volume of futures contracts building up heavily over the years to the market top when gas got over .20.