Once the plugin is installed properly, you will then be allowed to select cameras as textures for your LCDs.When you select it, the LCD will update automatically with the feed. I have provided this plugin here: https://github.com/Tyrsis/SE-Client-Extender/releases/download/ Extender_In order for you to use this mod, Space Engineers must be launched with the plugin provided.The installer creates a shortcut for you to launch the game, which enables this plugin. If you would prefer to manually install without launching an executable.

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This is also where the source will be once it's cleaned up a bit more.

If you'd like to have the plugin always launch when you run Space Engineers, all you have to do is go to your steam library, right click on Space Engineers and click Properties.

Then go down to the bottom and in "Set Launc Options.." type in -plugin SEClient This mod and associated plugin modify the game's renderer to allow rendering of what a camera sees to a texture, which can then be placed in the display of an LCD (any LCD, included modded ones! The game does not have this function built in, so I had to create the ability to do so. This will use very little memory, and only one texture exists in memory at a time for each feed.

Multiple LCDs displaying the same feed still only use memory of that single feed.

Since turrets have cameras in them, you may also view camera feeds from turrets as well.

The process of rendering the scene to a texture can take 5-10ms.

This will eat into your overall FPS, but I have balanced that by allowing you to set how much effort your GPU uses to do this rendering.

Some use DV, some use gigabit network cables, some are actually just 'capture cards' from AJA or Black Magic, or have a proprietary USB3 driver.

Each of them have a different way of integrating with C++ projects.

This mod allows LCDs to display feeds from cameras.

This is a rather large change to the underlying game, so an extra download is required (as a plugin).